Best YouTube channel to learn Atlassian Tools like Jira

Best YouTube Channel to learn Jira

So today I came across a forum topic where there was a discussion about best YouTube channel or an online resource to learn about tools like Jira, Confluence and Bitbucket.

Atlassian is growing and people/organisation are adopting tools like Jira a lot more now but it is surprising that not many resources are available outside Atlassian Community where you can learn and discuss about it. However it is just a matter of time and things will change eventually. There are lot fo resources of the blogs and websites of various Atlassian vendors as well.

My objective is to fill this gap little bit. I am doing my part by writing a lot about it and making free videos on Atlassian tools. You can follow me using the links below if you want to learn and stay abreast with latest happening in Atlassian ecosystem.


1. Blog:
2. Linkedin:
3. Twitter:
4. Instagram:
5. Spotify Podcast:
6. Apple Podcast:
7. Youtube:

Free Video courses

1. GetAnswers:
2. Portfolio for Jira:
3. Structure for Jira:
4. ScriptRunner for Jira:
5. Google Apps Script tutorials:
6. JiraTips:

Jira books and Video courses (Available to buy)

1. Jira Quick Start Guide (Book):
2. Mastering Jira (Book):
3. Jira 7 Guide for Administrators and Developers (Video course):
4. Jira 7 Essentials (Video course):

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